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Off Camera Flash Workshop

793A0481 web.jpg793A0442 bw web.jpgnatural light.jpgAnna web.jpgAlbina web 5.jpg793A0474web.jpguntitled-2197.jpganna 2 web.jpg793A0483 web.jpg088A2693.jpgAlbina low-c59.jpg793A0442 web.jpg793A0478 web.jpguntitled-2193.jpg793A0483bw web.jpg793A0473 web.jpgalbina web.jpg793A0481 bw web.jpgAlbina1 low-c75.jpg793A0474 web bw.jpguntitled-2202.jpguntitled-2212.jpguntitled-2205.jpguntitled-2208.jpguntitled-2198.jpg

Following a few weeks of planning and some previous tech night workshops we dedicated a full morning of workshops using off camera flash and light modifiers. We had a great turn out with about 15 club members both new and experienced in attendance.

Albina2 lowOff Camera Flash WorkshopIMG_6212 copyIrina talking

Irina and John facilitated the various workshops. Thanks to our very patient models Anna and Albina we tried out a variety of poses and lighting setups. Irina used some very interesting backdrops and props as can be seen above focusing on the aesthetics and quality of light while John focused more on the technical and lighting combinations. We practiced the use of light meters and covered some of the principles of three point lighting.

Work new_3    Beauty DishIMG_4109 web

We also took advantage of the natural light from the windows and used a combination of reflectors and fill in flash. There was a great buzz and we covered a lot in three hours and hopefully we can follow it up soon. With the weather picking up  it would be great to run a similar workshop combining natural light and fill in flash outdoors. It was a very enjoyable morning and hopefully everyone learned something new today.

IMG_4169 webIMG_6218 copyIMG_6214 copy


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Monthly Photography Competitions

Deise Camera Club have a competition to coincide with the club meeting every month. The theme for each competition is set out some months in advance so that members can have time to take suitable photographs. The club also organise tech meetings where some of the topics are covered in advance of the competitions. The monthly competitions are based on 7″x5″ images and each club member can submit two photographs. After viewing all the images the club members vote for their favorite top three images to decide on a winner. The top three images are sent to the local newspapers each month. There are also awards for the top photographer of the year based on the cumulative scores from each month. Noreen O’Brien was the photographer of the year for last year and Gerry Kenneally was the most improved new member. A selection of images from monthly competitions are shown below.

$DSC_0545 copyANGELA  Feldon Wyoming way copy.jpgIMG_2075Karl Reinl Handing on Tradition copy.jpgIMG_3265bwNoreen Homeward Bound copy.jpgIMG_4926 copyNoreen Deise .jpgjpeg_162final copyIRINA Duane Desert Delight copy.jpgShadows 2KIERAN  Lost Heroes copy.jpgThe Lone Traveller copy by Mary Herlihy copy.jpg

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Events for 2016

Welcome to 2016. The club calendar  of events for 2016 has been updated. This is a great time to come along and see what happens at Deise Camera Club. We have the usual club meetings and tech nights. In addition we have the SACC competition coming up. Be sure to sort through your images now and have them ready for submission in the next few weeks.

IMG_0421.jpgBluebells IMG_0003.jpgGlenshelane_Panorama1.jpgHelvic 0038.jpgIMG_0982.jpgKilclooney Wood 0213.jpg

At the start of the year is a great time to set some new challenges for yourself in the year ahead. You might decide to learn a new skill, get to know your camera better, enter images in the SACC competition or the club exhibition. Now is the time to set down your objectives. Club members are always willing to help newcomers.

We are also updating member profiles. Be sure and send in your profile photo and a link to your Flickr, Facebook or your website. Check out the profiles for some of our members here.

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