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Halloween Shoot At The Towers Lismore

This is the fourth year the club have organised a field trip around the theme of Halloween. The first year we did a field trip to Hook Head peninsula in Wexford. Two years ago we did a photo shoot in an old barn. Last year we photographed some witches brewing up in Colligan Wood. This year we went to the Towers in Lismore. It is a wonderful venue with the arches and old windows. We are thinking of going back there to do  a similar shot with people and costumes soon. Club members really got into the theme dressing up in appropriate scary costumes and makeup. In addition to having great craic we got to work with off camera flash and learn hot to balance natural light with that of the strobes. Selection of photos in the gallery below.

793A7661.jpgIMG_2298 copy.jpgIMG_2318 copy.jpg793A7611.jpg793A7591.jpg793A7710.jpgIMG_2347 copy.jpg793A7662.jpgIMG_2356 copy.jpg793A7702.jpg

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