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October 2017 Club meeting


October’s monthly meeting filled in members on a recent weekend trip to the Dingle peninsula. The trip included taking in the picturesque Slea Head Drive, Ryan’s Daughter territory, Kinard, Conor Pass and Dún Chaoin to name but a few locations.  Some magical images were created by those who attended and a very cultural night life was enjoyed with the locals also!


Welcome to Mary Dee a new member who came along and decided to join us. Looking forward to showing you and the other new members the camaraderie enjoyed while learning all about photography together.


We had the pleasure of having Barney Kelly, Forensic Photographer, join us as guest speaker for October. Barney’s love of photography took him on a very interesting if not sometimes difficult career path. He gave us an insight into the development of photography within the Forensics field and the wide variety of tangents covered by a specifically trained photographer. Fortunately Barney has never lost his love of taking landscape, portrait and incredible black and white images all of which he showed us on the night. Continued enjoyment Barney!


The themes for October were High Key/Low Key and Nature. In the High Key/Low Key category congratulations to John Foley who came 1st with ‘Lonesome Boatman’, John Murphy 2nd place with ‘Sara’ and 3rd place Mairead Forrestal with ‘Shadowland’.

In the Nature competition congratulations to Noreen O’Brien 1st place with ‘Luchóg’, 2nd ‘Alvin’s Friend’ by Mairead Forrestal and 3rd John Foley 3rd with ‘Safari Stalker’.

Theme for November is WOODS. There will be many opportunities to get some autumn colour in the next few weeks for this theme with the leaves changing all the time, hopefully no more storms or there won’t be a leaf left to photograph! Keep an eye out for club trips being arranged to different locations.


Next club meeting is 14th November 2017 at 7.30pm in Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan.  Members are reminded to check out emails and texts for club updates regularly.

Check us out on Facebook, DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and see what our members get up to! Thanks to all you who have found us already, we appreciate your time and interest! Why not give photography a try. Come and join us at our monthly meeting, see what we get up to, you might just enjoy the experience!


You can view our website at and follow us on FACEBOOK at DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and you can contact us by emailing



Dcc IMG_1860JF (Large)

HIGH/LOW KEY: 1st ‘Lonesome Boatman’ by John Foley




HIGH/LOW KEY: 2nd ‘Sara’ by John Murphy

IMG_0420-1 MF

HIGH/LOW KEY: 3rd Shadowland’ by Mairead Forrestal

IMG_4884 copyN'OB

NATURE: 1st ‘Luchóg’ by Noreen O’Brien


NATURE: 2nd ‘Alvin’s Friend’ by Mairead Forrestal



NATURE: 3rd ‘Safari Stalker’ by John Foley

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