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Last weekend members decided to get in the ‘Spirit of things’ and join the thousands heading to Ballyvoile Tunnell in Durrow. A magnificent Hallowe’en Spooktacular occupied the normal space used regularly by Greenway enthusiasts.

Coloured lights, skeletons, blood and gore, ghostly appearances and all manner of scary and spooky Hallowe’en trickery filled the void. Blood curdling voices, high and fearful, and maniacal laughter came in gusting bursts in the silence between the clicking of locks and dragging of chains. This night was going to consist of pulling pranks on parents and scaring kids. And so it did!

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Members of Deise Camera Club decided to avail of this opportunity and capture some Hallowe’en images. So we dressed up in our costumes, face paint and all, and partook in the mayhem all around us! Many times we got caught up in the merriment and frightened the daylights out of unsuspecting adults! Fantastic response was received!!

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Check out our Facebook page for a selection of images captured on the night! Thanks to everyone for the kind words and enthusiastic support we received on the night with our merriment!!

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Our next meeting will be on 13th November at 7.30pm in The Park Hotel, Dungarvan. New members are always welcome! Reminder that if you are interested in learning more about photography that night classes are available in Dungarvan, check out your local colleges re same.

Check us out on Facebook, DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and see what our members get up to! Thanks to all you who have found us already, we appreciate your time and interest!


You can view our website at www.deisecameraclub.com and follow us on FACEBOOK at DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and you can contact us by emailing deisecameraclub@gmail.com


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