November meeting 2018

Our November meeting was full of interesting chatter about recent trips out capturing the magnificent autumnal hues. Wasn’t it only stunning? Every leaf and branch was touched with magic from the warm dry summer we enjoyed this year. There are still many areas clothed in vibrant golds, reds and browns hanging on despite the many windy attempts to tumble them from their lofty heights! Go take advantage of the crisp dry days to explore new areas before winter changes our landscape and mutes natures colourful palette.


The monthly theme for November was AGEING. Congratulations to Bernie Blaney taking 1st place with ‘The Exchange’;

Exchange B Blaney

2nd place Mairead Forrestal with ‘Jack’s Hands’;

Jacks Hands MF

Joint 3rd Brigid Coffey with ‘Oldtimers’

Oldtimers Brigid C

and Mary Herlihy with ‘Sheila’s Recipes’.

Sheila's Recipes M Herlihy

Another night of inspiring entries pointing out many interpretations of the theme so well done to everyone who participated! Thanks to Luke for his wonderful critique.

Decembers themes will be Monthly VIGNETTE  and  Quarterly TEXTURE. Upcoming will be Abstract, Fog and Mist, so keep an eye on the weather for the latter!


Our next gathering will be our party night on 11th December at 7.30pm in The Park Hotel, Dungarvan. It’s also our AWARDS NIGHT where our Photographer of the Year will be announced!  So glad rags on and party favours at the ready! Looking forward to all the glam and glitz!

New members are welcome to join us for our January meeting and start the year off challenging yourself to pursue your passion with likeminded enthusiasts! Reminder that if you are interested in learning more about photography that night classes are available in Dungarvan, check out your local colleges re same.

Check us out on Facebook, DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and see what our members get up to! Thanks to all you who have found us already, we appreciate your time and interest!


You can view our website at and follow us on FACEBOOK at DEISE CAMERA CLUB DUNGARVAN and you can contact us by emailing


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