Déise Camera Club is thrilled with the fantastic response to our Annual Photographic Exhibition. We paid special attention to our vast coastline stretching from Ferrypoint near Youghal all the ways to Cheekpoint. It has been a labour of love really as we all spend quite an amount of time exploring, checking, studying and capturing its every nook, cave and wave in all kinds of weather and from dawn to dusk! It is an amazing asset we should be shouting from the rooftops about. Like our Greenway our coastline is waiting to be discovered not just as a holiday destination but for its historic outdoor museum of geological significance. This area has a wealth of beautiful yet “undiscovered” secluded coves and beaches, each with a story to tell. It took more than 460 million years to create the Copper Coast, so take your time to visit and explore it!

When you visit the Copper Coast Geopark in Bunmahon, you will see the extent our photographers go to capture those unique glimpses of a moment in time along our Coastline. Relax and enjoy a coffee and treat in the Copper Coast Café as you peruse the presentation we offer you in the Geopark.

Framed and unframed prints are available to purchase. We thank those who have already invested in some unique pieces to adorn their homes. Just about 90 days to Christmas so what could be more special than a locally captured, printed and framed image of our amazing Waterford coastline.

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